December 2017 Construction Update

Here is the latest construction update. The following items have been mostly completed:
  • The gravel trails
  • The parking lot minus the driveway
  • Seeding has been completed around the parking lot and on the hill at the enterance
  • All the tees minus one
  • The sleeves for all the baskets
  • Majority of concrete work, bench and garbage pads etc.
  • Excavation of all the planting beds
  • Structures continuing
The following items are scheduled to be completed in Spring 2018:
  • Install signage
  • Install seed/sod around trees
  • Install baskets (they just need to be put into the sleeves that are already in the ground)
  • Install the remaining plantings
  • Plan the grand opening in more detail

We appreciate the continued support from the community and cannot wait to share this disc golf park with you!

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