Soul Travel – In Memoriam

In memory of today being 5 years since David passed, we share this poem written by Treasure, the incredible force who made DRM possible!

Soul Travel

What your eyes haven’t seen

or your heart hasn’t felt,

Are simply the mysteries of what your life’s been dealt.

Awareness within as each footprint is placed.

Memories are formed and images are traced.

Answer your thoughts,

create your own dreams.

This is your awakening,

You’ll find what life means…

David loved playing disc golf and we know that he’s here with us in spirit. Today was a beautiful day at DRM ❤️

Officially open

The course is now officially OPEN for play. There is no charge to play and you do not need to book tee times. We do ask that you pack out what you pack in and if you see any garbage on the course, please pick it up. This course is for everyone and so we ask that everyone helps out in taking care of this brand new, beautiful course that is David’s legacy.

Construction, Signage, and Grand Opening Update

The Parks Foundation team met with the DGR team today to update us on the status of the course, and go over plans for the grand opening. We’re getting so close and we cannot wait to have you join us!

Save the Date

Official Grand Opening: Saturday, June 9th from 10am-12pm

More details to come including schedule of events.

Karla, Sheila, Treasure, Sherry, and Rob

Construction Update

  • Washroom facility nearing completion
  • Shade structure in final assembly stage
  • All teepads minus #1 have been completed
  • Collars have been installed and baskets will be installed in the spring
  • Final plantings will happen in the spring
  • Seeding is complete
  • Signposts have been installed
  • Fairway contouring has been completed


  • Final proofs for tee, sponsor, course, and rules signs will be completed in the next few weeks


December 2017 Construction Update

Here is the latest construction update. The following items have been mostly completed:
  • The gravel trails
  • The parking lot minus the driveway
  • Seeding has been completed around the parking lot and on the hill at the enterance
  • All the tees minus one
  • The sleeves for all the baskets
  • Majority of concrete work, bench and garbage pads etc.
  • Excavation of all the planting beds
  • Structures continuing
The following items are scheduled to be completed in Spring 2018:
  • Install signage
  • Install seed/sod around trees
  • Install baskets (they just need to be put into the sleeves that are already in the ground)
  • Install the remaining plantings
  • Plan the grand opening in more detail

We appreciate the continued support from the community and cannot wait to share this disc golf park with you!